Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bangalore Blogger Meet

The country is in chaos but there is always happiness somewhere in a corner if you look for it -
eg  meeting up with a friend and shopping  :)
Apoorva of Apoorva Thinks was planning to visit Bangalore with her parents
 so we decided to catch up.

Its always nice to put a face to those wonderful friends i made through blogging.
We met in Mantri square,Bangalore.
ummm...We didn't click many pics because she was in a hurry as they had book a cab.
and we had too many window shopping to do :p
She wanted to buy 2 pairs of shoes but somehow even after looking around the entire mall we couldn't find a single pair that screamed "i am the shoe you have been looking for!"
Anyway,she ended up buying Maybelline Matte mousse from New U.
and 3 Maybelline lippies.

She gifted me a cute lil metal bangle.
Thank u sweety !
She s a total "woman in Black" and its her fav color.
While i was dressed the total opposite of her lol

We hung around for an hour and she dashed off like a cinderella .
well as for me, i stayed back and did some more shopping lol

Apoorva is a cutie pie.
We talked non -stop like as if we had known each other since childhood :)
i wish we could have hung out for longer duration.
Maybe next time <3

We are in our early 20 s and yes a "BARBIE house" still excites us lol
so we took this corny pics :p
but i love them hehe

 The pictures are my first official pic as a brown headed girl .
And yes, i've gained weight !!! woohoo!! (happy monkey dance*)
You can see how chubby i've gotten.

I am very proud of myself because i didnt buy a single cosmetic in Bangalore.
So yay!!
umm...or i am probably secretly saving up to indulge in SEPHORA when i get back to Delhi


  1. awwww apoo u look adorable and doc ure gorgie!!! n thats the chubby u? *rolls my eyes* lol

  2. I loved each and every word you wrote/typed here!!!
    and as it can be seen, you are true diva..!! you are gorgeous!! :) Loved meeting you..!!! :)
    I so wish I had some more time with you :(

  3. haha seriously...
    look at d last 2 pics!
    im so chubby there lol

  4. i know...the timing was too brief :(
    next time lets have lunch or something :)
    miss cinderella :p

  5. awungshi, u r looking great! Both of you looking great :D. The whole thing looks When you come back, lets plan a sephora shopping plan XD.

  6. haha that s a lot of "great"
    thanks sweets

    i knw i knw!!!
    lets hope i wont be broke lol
    omg!! im sooo drooling over the idea of window shopping in will be heavenly...

  7. Wow, you two have enjoyed a lot, it seems. Both of you looking gorgeous <3

  8. cool pics.. both u gals look fab... the ying & yang of mantri square u gals are :D
    awungshi.. if u r gonna term urself as chubby..... wat do i call myself??? ;p
    yes.. i already made out that appu loves black.. i hv seen most of her pics wearing black.. bingo gal.. i love black too.. :D

  9. you look gorgeous!!!such a pretty dress, I want !!!!

  10. OMG The barbie house is so cute!!!!

  11. haha.. I found you cute and not chubby :D
    and thanks Lee baby :*

  12. oh yeah.. and yes, the tibetan shopping :D and lol.. cinderella!! :D thanks babe

  13. Lol.. Thanks Revathy..!! At least when I meet you, I would wear black :D
    and same pinch girl :*

  14. wow..omg look at tht barbie house!! seems like u girls had alot of fun!!

  15. You both look great! <3 I love both the black and white :D
    Bdw your new hair color looks awesome on you ! :)

  16. i thought u stayed in delhi!!! great snaps and must have been real fun :)

  17. Love all the pictures !! :D Both of you looking fab :D

    Merry Christmas, xoxo <3

  18. yeah its always fun to meet with bloggers!! some of my best friends are bloggers now....u look pretty in white n not chubby!!

  19. u look so cute....
    and merry christmas and a happy new year

  20. lol seriously..eating home food too much made me chubby :p

  21. thanks @facebook-1539085985:disqus
    i love black too but not as much as @apoorvawrites:disqus does :p

  22. thanks dear.
    i got the dress from Forever new

  23. yes..we had fun :)

  24. thank u so much dear.

  25. i stay in delhi.
    went to bangalore for christmas with my family <3

  26. i know im a little late but merry christmas and a happy new year to you too

  27. thats the same thing with me.. lol..I was 43 when I was out of station and im already 47now :(

  28. Do let me know when you come back to Bangalore, would love to meet the famous Dr. Poison Ivy :)