Monday, September 3, 2012

Kawayii fake Upper and Under lashes review

These falsies were sent together with the Dolly eye STarry eye Grey lenses from
i didn't want to club the review for the false lashes and the lenses together.
So i'm making a separate post.

I'm pretty new to wearing false lashes.
No,i don't go out wearing them on the street.
I use them only for EOTDs and FOTDs.

When i was young i used to lust after those models in mascara ads with long thick lashes.
Little did i know that mascaras can't really do that lol

The upper lashes
Close up of the upper lash
Close up of the lower lash
i cut the lower lashes into half to put on the outer corner of the eyes 

i love the design of the lashes. They give my eyes Doll like effect.
Makes my eyes appear bigger and more dramatic.
they are very comfortable and can be worn for a long time.
Howeverit feels a little heavy on my lids unlike the other lashes i have.
They can be used for everyday looks. But you need to trim it for that.
As for me i only use it for photoshoots so i liket them long and dramatic :)
They don't come with eyelash glue so you need to buy that separately.

PRICE-  $ 2.90

You can go this link to buy them 
Use the code below to get 10% off


  1. Thank you sweety pop!!!
    feeling better?

  2. You look gorgeous! They really suit you! I am having my first giveaway on the blog.
    Check it out-

    Pretty Little Mess- First Giveaway

  3. will do :)
    thank s for dropping by <3

  4. Pretty! I especially like the bottom ones because they balance the whole look. :)

  5. n i cut it into half for the ulzzang effect lol

  6. have u ever tried fake lashes?

  7. They look lovely on you! I have sparse eyelashes :( but m scared to use them since my sister tried once and her eyes became all swollen :O

  8. OMG I am still scared of using fake upper lashes and you are using fake lower lashes! Kudos girl!!