Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Circle lenses ML1 gray review

I got this circle lenses from
They are a Korean circle lens online shop based in South Korea itself.
So you don't have to be scared of getting fake low quality circle lenses.


they ship via EMS
The products reached me in less than a week.


everything was properly bubble wrapped and they even included a 250 ml lens solution :).
And a cute travelling lens case that included a plastic forcep,lens case with a holder containing mirror . Now that is what i call a complete package.



 Like i have said before in my other circle lenses review,i love grey lenses.
Because they add the doll like effect to my eyes and give it a very dreamy look.
The color blends well with my pupil .


This circle lens is 14.20 mm
But it looked a lot like 14.5-14.8 mm
It gave good enlargement effect.


when i wore these lenses On my left eye, it gave me great irritation esp at the upper border. I thought the irritation would go away after few minutes...but i wore it for 4 hours and it continued so now i'm scared of wearing it lol
But i think it s because these lenses are new.
So as time goes by it will subside.(i'm keeping my fingers crossed because i really like these lenses and they have my prescription too)


These are very pretty lenses that can be used for everyday wear because the color is very subtle and when i wore it to the market i didn't get strange looks from people lol
I love them because they go with any color eye make up whether subtle or melodramatic.

You can check out their website HERE
If you want the same lens as mine- GO TO THIS LINK

I know the shipping is a little expensive but it's better to pay more for authentic stuffs then get fake ones for cheaper rates.

I am experimenting with new watermarks for my blog.

so let me know if you like it :p


  1. u look really cute phill espe the eyelashes..u r a doll

  2. Thanks pree..:)
    i need fake lashes lol because mine are really thin :p

  3. u look like a doll..agree with pree...;)

  4. They look really pretty!!! Too bad they feel irritating :(

  5. thank u so much @facebook-100001880646026:disqus :)

  6. you look like a barbie :) :)
    how is aipg prep coming along ??

  7. i would love to wear coloured lenses but my eyes are so sensitive

  8. hehe thanx rashmi
    im preparing for aiims .
    aipg - will prepare after aiims exm :p
    NEET pattern is boohoo :(

  9. mine too... so i use lenses only from trusted branded company...:) @blushingk:disqus

  10. I Love the lenses, it has a very pretty design, thanks for visiting my blog I've been your follower for some time now XD Love Emi

  11. I like grey lenses on you!It stinks that they aren't comfy :(I don't understand how these are 14.2mm lenses. They look soooo huge!

  12. Blue, green, grey etc are the major choice of people these days. I also like all those beautiful and some funky crazy colors. Your one is looking amazing and you are looking cute with this grey pair.

  13. Thank u :) @3c5f4604ec946fcaeb4973afe2bd8f77:disqus
    i really like grey :p

  14. yea..i know...they look ginormous...and also because i have tiny eyes lol
    but lenspop has 13 mm circle lenses too...
    and thank u @Jackyohhhhh:disqus ,i love grey lenses on u too

  15. It looks nice on you .:)

  16. thank u dear :)

  17. Totally doll like look :D

  18. very unique design. and look bigger like a doll..

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