Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review:Dolly eye -Starry Eye Grey from

I've been meaning to do this review for a long time but when the time was right the weather wasn't.
eg: today i woke up and said to myself "i am definitely reviewing these beauties"...and then it started pouring cats and dogs.
Anyway, when the clouds cleared up a little bit, i took that opportunity to click some quick pictures.

The best thing about as i've mentioned in the other posts too is that they have amazingggggg customer service. And no, i'm not saying that because they sponsor me all these kawaii cuties :p .
If i email them they reply in less than an hour!!! (every single time!!)
And that's why its sooo much fun working with them.
Plus they send the lenses in such adorable boxes.

Weight: 100 grams
Manufacturer: Dolly Eye (EOS)
Diameter: 14.80mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.60
Replacement Period: within 12 months
Place of Origin: Korea

in normal daylight
with the flash
with lens and without lens
it is an alternating serrations of irregular dark grey and light grey. 
It has a blurry look.
If you look closely at the pictures you make think its blurry but its not.
Its just the lenses and i think its probably because of that its called Starry Eye
 I never thought i would love Grey lenses but my bf was like "Grey will look subtle for lenses".
And so i thought i would try it out just for the heck of it. Boy! now i'm totally in love with it!
The color blends well with my pupil .

This circle lens is 14.80 mm
But to me it felt a lot bigger probably because i'm more into 14.00 mm or 14.50 mm.
Nonetheless, it gives a very good enlargement.
I wore it for about 1 hour and my eyes started getting really dry and painful lol
But it subsides on putting artificial tear drops :)
I haven't tried wearing it beyond that.
Maybe i will soon.
The Lens is a little OTT.
It makes me look mysterious and starry eyed :p(just like the name says!)
I think "my bf"  was wrong about grey lenses being subtle.
It totally make my eyes POP .
It gives a dreamy effect to the eyes.
I'm still a little skeptical if i would be able to wear it on daily basis.
Sometimes i wish all these pretty circle lenses comes with prescription :(
because i have terribly Myopia (sad face*)

PRICE- $22.90

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If you want the same ones i'm wearing ,then go to THIS LINK
You can visit Uniqso s website at
They always have amazing discounts.
Use the code below to avail discount.


  1. WTF? Disqus reappeared and my comment disappeared! D:
    Anyway, I was saying that I really like these! I have them in violet! The green ones I saw look like the Hulk though! LOL! Grey suits you! Get more greys they look pretty! :D

  2. this make u look DOLL Like..Phil! <3

    Ur bf is right abt the grey lenses just that this lenses is a lil blurry types ..the one's i have is a nice grey subtle kinda ... i <3 lenses till death!

  3. hehe i was thinking of getting more green instead :p
    i like d blurry effect!!
    grey is so not subtle!

  4. i saw your violet ones :)
    i love them too...
    and hulk? lmao!!

  5. hehe i'm in a totally "lens smittened phase"
    i need something with prescription..probably grey or green with prescription!!
    i wnna see your lens too!!
    review na?

  6. Aww thank you! Lol! Yeah the green was verrry bright! I saw a video for it, I'll link it to you.. They look pretty but I feel like they're screaming GREEN at me! XD

  7. will check it out now <3

  8. @beautyandthecheap:disqus holy smokes!!!!! its not my type lol

    too bright...
    i prefer the ones that makes my eyes subtle yet pretty ..(i dono how to explain it....:P)
    but i m guessing u know what i mean

  9. LOL! I told you no! Good you picked grey. :D I know what you mean! I'm the same. :P

  10. yea..i was like "now she'll turn into hulk".....ok..."NOW!"
    i liked the olive green one. its so pretty ...

  11. Yeah the olive green was definitely more natural! Even I was like Asian girl Hulk cosplay NAO!

  12. lol omg this is sooo random but i m dyingggggg to eat KFC and bibimbap

  13. LMAO! Damn you! I can't even FIND Korean food here! X( Mmmm...Popcorn chicken!

  14. thank u sweety pie <3

  15. awwww...poor u !!!! come to delhi....
    ter r 3 korean places to eat here and more unexplored ones :) @beautyandthecheap:disqus

  16. I really like grey lenses on you!They look really nice with your dark hairrrr. Pretttyy!

  17. Thanx @Jackyohhhhh:disqus i'm thinking of getting more greys too :)

  18. ;A; Delhi freaks me out! Otherwise I would have moved there! LOL! Maybe when I visit my relatives, Lord knows when, 'll drop by. :) I'm going to see my parents in Chandigarh for diwali but don't know if I'll be going to Delhi. :(

  19. i like delhi :)
    y u no like deli? :(

  20. i have done it on wiseshe already!

  21. wow, these fake lashes and grey circle lenses makes you look so different! haha. I love how natural it looks on you. The circle lens design looks great! Might check that out myself one day ^_^.

  22. you look gorgeous <3

  23. thank u so much @1aadb5251eeeafb138afa83923c5de5e:disqus

  24. haha yea..i think i really love grey :p

  25. ok can u send me the link?
    wiseshe is too vast i cant browse the whole thing lol

  26. looks great! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  27. looks pretty on you o.o heheh :)

  28. thanks <3 @Nekolynneth:disqus

  29. the etude lippie too..

  30. Thanks :) @bhumika_t:disqus the lippie is the orange one :)

  31. Oh my, you look like a beautiful doll. Those close screenshots of your eyes with the lenses, mesmerizing! This is the first time I am visiting your blog. Will come back again. I am here ( ). Do visit some time though I don't have beauty posts :)

  32. Hey Awungshi, thanks for visiting my blog and for joining me on Facebook. Following you back on FB. I left a comment on this page today and I know that's how you got to my blog but I can;t see it here. Don't know how disqus works but most times I am finding my comments missing when I comment through Disqus on any blog. I wanted to say that I loved your blog :) Will come back and read more.

  33. thank u dear. will follow u back

  34. Thank u dear . i have liked you back on facebook .
    and i'm so glad you loved my blog.
    makes me want to blog more <3

  35. Hi @disqus_1O19H4Uq4K:disqus disqus can be a bit annoying at times.
    your comments were in my email but on the blog.
    however i have added your email id to my whitelist and from now on ur comments will be automatically approved :)
    i loved your blog too.
    esp the comparison between the whisper ultra and sofy .i'm definitely gona try that.
    i m a complete whisper devotee..but lately its been bleh... :)

  36. Thanks for whitelisting me, honored :) I was a whisper devotee too, but the irritation got too much to handle as if pain is not enough to knock us down in those days. Sofy is baby soft, I sincerely hope u won't be disappointed. Do let me know whenever u try it. I had emailed u yesterday at your ID. Did u get a chance to check?

  37. Hey dear,,, you are adorable and looking gorgeous with these grey lenses. Your bleau eye liner is going good with it and makes your face glowing.<3

  38. Thank you so much.
    im glad you liked it.
    Do keep on visiting my blog <3
    i love reading the comments .
    makes me want to work harder

  39. replied already <3

  40. Yes, you are doing a great job, keep continuing your work and best wishes for your future. :)

  41. thank you for the wishes @3c5f4604ec946fcaeb4973afe2bd8f77:disqus

  42. These lenses you buy come in such cute boxes! Kawaaii :3
    Grey definitely looks great on you <3

  43. your blog is the best one :D! i loved your review

  44. thank u so much dear

  45. thank u so much

  46. so far grey and purple r my fav lenses

  47. awww.... that s so sweet of you.
    thank you so much for dropping by <3
    do leave your blog link so i can check it out @google-1490fa08caad3c5fe6209b4783deb1f4:disqus

  48. Love the lenses and the boxes are so cute..

  49. Hi dear, nice review!
    I took some of your picture for reference purposes. I did not edit and i gave the credit to ur blog.
    Hope u dun mind!
    Thanx in advance!

  50. Omg!! Looks really adorable!! i want it!