Wednesday, August 15, 2012

GEO Olive green circle lens OL-103 review from

Hiya divas,
Today has been an awful day.
Drag myself out of bed 7 am and got ready for my weekly mock exam.
When i reached there , they told me it was tomorrow !!! i thought i would roam around a little...but thanx to the independence day Celebration everything was closed!!
So i'm back here in my room, ranting about it.
The only good thing is i get to review my new favourite Geo olive green circle lenses from


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They included a cute animal lens case
Manufacturer- Geo
Diameter : 14mm
Base Curve : 8.60mm
Water Content : 38~42%
Life Span : 1 Year
Power Available : 0.00 / Plano only
Close up
In normal day light
With flash
without lens and with lens
It was love at first sight when it comes to the design. The Green serrations gives the lens a very subtle look . While the black rim makes the Lens appear larger than they actually are. 

 Oh i can never get enough of green...if you look around my blog designs, you will notice my love for GREEN.Its everywhere :p

This Circle lens is only 14mm in diameter (that is the normal size of our cornea) but it still gives a very good enlargement due to the black rim.

This is the onlyyyy circle lens so far that did not give any uncomfortable sensation even when worn for the first time. 
I wore this for 6 hours straight without any irritation.
The eyes may get a little dry but that is normal with lenses.
So, i carry my artificial tear drops with me everywhere(i put it every half an hour or so)

As you can see in the pictures, the lens is very wearable.
it's not OTT and barely visible unless you reallyyyyy look into my eyes :p

oh look at my green lenses :p

If you want the same lenses, you can go to THIS LINK

You can also visit at their facebook page HERE
I am also having an international circle lens giveaway sponsored by


  1. nice lenses....i like your nail art too....:)

  2. hehe @PujaKhannaMalhotra:disqus thank u... the nail art is so tiny and you still saw it :p

  3. What a pretty deep green color! And I love your flower headband :)

  4. thank u jacky :) i love ur blog :) its cute

  5. You look like a doll !! I'm so J :P
    Lens suit you the best :) and I like your flower hair band..
    Boho chick..!! way to go !:)

  6. hehe thank u sweety. i got the hairband from forever 21. :)

  7. i followed you :)

  8. wow, very pretty romantic make up look! Seriously, looking like a kawaii doll. Totally jealous of your asian features I tell you lol. These look quite natural in real life.

  9. Suna itzrainingbeautyAugust 15, 2012 at 10:12 PM

    wow so pretty FOTD..!

  10. :) :) thats so cool

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  12. Nice! These green ones? Very pretty! I like how they have the halo effect. And I like the headband! :D

  13. Hey !! I am seeing another interesting blog of you. These circle lenses makes your face charming and glowing. I am mesmerized after seeing you in this :)

  14. hehe yea ..i am totally digging the halo effect :)

  15. thank u @3c5f4604ec946fcaeb4973afe2bd8f77:disqus i'm so glad you liked this <3
    more posts coming up in future

  16. Yaa,, sure I am waiting for the next of your, which will amaze me like this....Keep posting :)

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  20. The color is really interesting, I think the color more pop out when you use in outdoor

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