Tuesday, January 24, 2012

midnight slumber...review NYX Girls Nail Polish Super Funk

the title? it doesnt mean anything...hehe .i just typed the first words that crossed my mind...
because when i think "purple" i imagine something sober yet mysterious and dark, hence the name.

this is the nailpolish i got from Stylecraze.com.
the glitter was in the perfect amount(not OTT) because i'm not a big fan of glitter.
but if you want more than you can apply more than one coat.
as for me one is enough.

as for the nail tips i used EN-VY nail polish (forgot the shade)which i got from health and glow.
no top coats used.

i usually dont pair it with a base coat because i like the clear sparkly glitter it has.
.and don't wanna ruin it. plus it looks more elegant this way.

1.a big fan of purple :p
2.i love glitters.
3.different hexagonal glitters of different sizes
4.gives an elgant look
5.great staying power. stays on my nails without a base coat and top coat for more than a week.

removing glitter polishes can be suchhh a tidious job :(
i hate to rub it over and over again. almost takes an hour to remove it from both my nails.
so i avoid it unless i'm really really in the mood :p

PRICE- Rs 169 (discounted price)


  1. Did you try carnival. I have it its amazing. I wanted to get punk too. This polish would look great on black

    1. i just ordered 4 of them... cant rem d names lol. wil be gettin them in march.. so excited. yeah i thot i l layer it on black but then i wanted to show the glitter :) . maybe in my next swatch i will.

  2. This is really cute, I'm loving it :) xxx

  3. Girl! you get the bestest nail colors ever! I love how glam it looks.

  4. awww i loved it