Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mint Mani Tutorial-Tribute To TaliaJoy

 The beauty world has come together to pay tribute to Talia Castellano who battled 2 forms of Cancers-Neuroblastoma and Preleukemia.
She earned her wings on 16th July.
I wanted to do a mani for her too but decided to make it into a simple tutorial.

1.Base coat -Tip top nail chic 
2.Avon nailwear pro- aqua fantasy
3.Cherries- Tip top nail chic
4.Stems- MASH nail polish black.
5.Top coat- Tip top nai chic
5.Dotting tool
Apply base coat to protect your nails followed by mint green.
Make pairs of red dots with the help of dotting tool.
Draw stems using the dotting tool as shown in the pic.
Connect the stems to a main branch.
Viola! its done!

TALIA, You are dearly Loved and sadly missed by all.


  1. This is a very pretty tutorial!
    I love Talia, her legacy will live forever..

  2. my unfinished lifeJuly 24, 2013 at 3:34 AM

    she was a brave girl...and its a lovely tribute!!

  3. You are just so so so creative..i mean look at these nail arts..i am taking some lessons from here :)

  4. Thanks for the tutorial! It looks like I can do this :) It's really pretty!

  5. awesome collection
    super classy and seems easy too !!