Monday, November 5, 2012 stamping plate 13 and 14 review (halloween NOTD)

 I have officially declared myself as Stamping plate obsessed :p
They are so friendly to use and less time consuming compared to the free hand i used to love.
I still love free hand nail arts but now with my exams coming up i have no time to spend hours making it. 
Thanks to stamping plate ,even the most delicate designs get over in a minute !
Anyway today i will be reviewing Stamping Plates ,Stamper ,Scraper and nail polish from
They have wide range of plates and stamping polishes


OMG Marketing Ltd was founded in March 2009, specializing in nail products, such as nail art sets, nail varnishes, nail accessories and many others

MoYou is an easy way to have a variety of 500 different designs stamped onto your nails or even onto accessories such as sunglasses, mobile phones or notepads.
We work hard throughout the year improving our MoYou products to new records of quality and design, bringing new and fashionable patterns every few months,
so you can keep on having trendy nails all year long.

Our main goal for 2012 is to bring over new and exciting products in the nail art field under the MoYou brand. We believe that new is better and that is why we update our line of products every few months to bring you the newest and best quality products in the market that have the best value for money.

You can visit their WEBSITE HERE


The mini stamper and scraper are very nice to use and travel friendly too.
The scraper is plastic and has no metallic plate like "Konad" so it cause less damage to the plates and does not leave scratches on the plates (i love it for this)

MoYou special nail polish in Black-

The quantity is a lot (12 ml).
It is thick and makes stamping a piece of cake.
I'm assuming this is going to last me a long time.

plate no 15
 Since Christmas is coming ,there is no way i'm going to miss out on making beautiful Christmas manis.So i got this.
Loving all the images on it esp the reindeer and christmas tree!!
Plate no 13
 Halloween just over and i also made a halloween mani using plate no 13 from OMG nails which i got too lazy to update :p

What was your halloween mani?

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  1. enazbelle tamang yayahNovember 5, 2012 at 8:49 AM

    LOVE the orange and design. Reminds me of a clumsy comedic bat!

  2. Aww! The Bat looks sooo cute! <3

    And the palette also has the Grim Reaper :D perfect for Halloween :)

  3. Such a cute design :)

  4. me too
    did u mk any halloween mani?

  5. haha so true !!!

  6. yes,it has all the halloween stuffs :)

  7. Wow gr8 mani and nice plates..:)

  8. I'm from Greece. we don't celebrate Halloween! maybe i'll try something around February when we have the carnival!!!

  9. Ooh I love the little skull on that plate! I have only tried stamping once so far, and I made a mess of it. heh. I need to practice. I didn't have any polish on for Halloween because I had a catastrophe and broke two nails down into the nail bed... naked nubs for me for a while... sigh.

  10. yes..they hv nice plates..i esp want the flag one

  11. eh... sad*
    it sounds painful

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  13. wow greta notd. great choice of nail color

  14. thank u sonu
    did you make halloween nail art?

  15. thanks natasha.
    wht dd u mk for halloween?

  16. no philamazan.... am a catholic... we dont celebrate halloween.
    but i did konad nail art and it was awesome!!! friends and even strangers i met in the bus and shopping place were asking me how i did those designs and where to buy them... people thought they were stickers :D :D :D . i had to explain them that it was a nail art stamping kit...

  17. nice! spooky nails :)

  18. Wow! You did a really great job with the stamping, and the glitter tips are a nice touch.

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  29. these are the most adorable halloween nails i have ever seen!